About Us

A Family Run Business deep in the heart of “HURLING COUNTRY”

Our family made hurls – a perfect finish

Our family made hurls – a perfect finish

We take great pride in our family’s deep roots within the hurling community through the generations. Those known to us know our passion for the game and as active members of the Ringtown Club, we are acutely aware of the needs of today’s players from the most junior to the greats of the game.

Hurls are our bread & butter with customers throughout Ireland, Europe, Australia and USA, returning time after time for the bespoke nature of our service – our mission is to afford the player every opportunity to show off his or her skill by having the optimum pieces of equipment to do so regardless of age.

Lots of painstaking toil goes into each hurl, utilising the traditional hand crafted techniques used for generations ensuring that we achieve the perfect finish every time. We personally source our ash  and adhere to the well proven drying method used by our ancestors. It is our heartfelt belief that each individual has very specific needs when deciding on a hurl – to this end we encourage personal visits to the workshop where those needs will be matched.