Big Bás Juvenile Hurley (27″-30″) – including a Grip

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Big Bás Moran Hurley

Handmade from Top Quality Ash to ensure that every child starts off with the perfect Hurley , the Moran Hurley is designed with the perfect balance and weight to aid in the development of players skills. From the first moment a player receives their Hurley it is vital that they hold it with their dominant hand on top.


Choose your hurley size and weight and add your favourite grip.

How to add a grip:

  • Choose your favourite type of grip
  • Select a grip colour
  • Add a quantity
Juvenile Hurley (27"-30")
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6 reviews for Big Bás Juvenile Hurley (27″-30″) – including a Grip

  1. Nicole

    very good

  2. Nicole

    good website

  3. Cathla


  4. Cathal


  5. Tommy

    great hurls

  6. Alejandro

    Great hurl broke of a torpey bamboo put gonna get another one

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